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Did you recently move into a new apartment


need a reputable residential  locksmith to change locks Winnipeg? Are you locked out of your home and  wish to get in without damaging the locks and the door? Did your key  break in the keyhole? You are in the right place.

“B”  Safe Locksmith is the number one choice for a residential locksmith   service. We are dedicated to promoting clients in Winnipeg and beyond  with 24 hour locksmith Winnipeg to provide high security lock Winnipeg,  change lock Winnipeg, rekey locks Winnipeg, and emergency locksmith  services.    

As  a local locksmith Winnipeg company, we are responsive to your need  whenever you call any time of the day or late at night; we will not let  you sleep in the cold due to a lost key, broken key, faulty locks, or  locked-in key. “B” Safe Locksmith has built a reputation for trust,  excellence, and integrity that is why we are preferred local locksmith  in Winnipeg.    

The  lock and key to a home is the gateway to your property and your  security. We offer high security lock Winnipeg to enhance the safety of  our clients in Winnipeg.    

“B” Safe Locksmith offers a wide range of residential locksmith services as stated below.

1. Change Locks In Winnipeg:

Did  you just move into a new home? It is crucial that you change locks to  your new home because you never can tell who still has keys to the locks  of the house. As a reliable residential locksmith Winnipeg, we will  change the locks to you, and you can be assured that your home is safe.         

2. Rekey Locks In Winnipeg :


We  can rekey your existing locks without having to change the locks only  that new keys will be required to operate them. This can be done for  convenience, and it is cost-efficient. The locks to certain rooms in the  house can be rekeyed such that only one key will be required to operate  them.  

3. High Security Lock In Winnipeg:

Being  a local locksmith providing topnotch residential locksmith services, we  will install high security lock in your apartment for enhanced  security. No amount of money spent on the security of your home is  wasted. Whether you are at home or you are away, with the high security  lock Winnipeg on your doors, your properties are safe.  

4. Emergency Lockout Services:

Whether  you lost your key or you accidentally locked it inside, do not force  your door open; you may damage your door and the lock in the process.  Instead, call us for emergency locksmith services, and we will help to  open your door without causing damages to the locks and door. “B” Safe  Locksmith is a trusted locksmith that can be trusted to respond during  the emergency.  

5. Key Replacement and Duplication:

When  you lost the key to your home, in addition to providing you with  key-less entry to your house, we will cut a replacement key and duplicate  it for you for your convenience if there is a need for it anytime. Only  an emergency locksmith that is proficient can offer this service to you  in the spot.  

6. Locks Repair:

The  locks to your door may damage, leaving you helpless. As an experienced  residential locksmith Winnipeg, we will repair the locks perfectly  without compromising their security integrity, and you can use them just  like brand new again. You will not have to buy new locks. This service  is suitable if the locks are high security lock Winnipeg. Thus, you will  be saving money while enhancing the security of your home.

“B”  Safe Locksmith is the residential locksmith Winnipeg you can rely on  any time. We are your 24 hour locksmith Winnipeg that is always on  standby to respond to clients’ needs. And as a local locksmith, we  respond faster to your needs.

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