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It  is such a devastating experience when your car key is lost, broken in  the ignition, accidentally locked in the trunk or when your key does not  operate your vehicle again. At this point, you do not have to stress  out, call “B” Safe Locksmith, the reliable automotive locksmith Winnipeg  that will put the situation under control.

Losing  your car keys or getting locked out of your car can happen at the most  inconvenient time such as early in the morning or late at night. At “B”  Safe Locksmith, we know this. That is why we offer 24 hour locksmith  Winnipeg services that come with car key replacement service and offer  you a new car key, rekey locks Winnipeg, program key, and emergency  locksmith services to our customers wherever and any time they need our  service.

Our automotive locksmith Winnipeg services include the following:

1. Emergency Lockout Opening:

When  people are in a hurry when getting out of the car, they leave their car  keys inside the car most times. And sometimes, most people mistakenly  lock their car keys in the trunk or the lost the key. It feels horrible  in such situations. However, do not get worked up; contact us at “B”  Safe Locksmith immediately. We are a professional automotive locksmith  company in Winnipeg; we will safely unlock your car without causing any  damages to your car. You can get behind the wheels immediately to catch  up with your appointments or head home without any further delay.

2. Extraction of Broken Key:

When  your car key gets broken during use, and you cannot remove the chunk  that is left in the keyhole, you are more or less stuck. Do not worry;  call “B” Safe Locksmith for broken key extraction and a new car key to  get moving immediately. We offer effective emergency locksmith services  to out the situation under control. Our team of automotive locksmiths in  Winnipeg will come to meet you where your car is with the right set of  told to remove the broken key and provide you with a functional new car  key.

3. Duplication of Keys:

When  you lost your car keys, or you locked it inside your vehicle. Having  spare keys at your disposal will save you from a lot of hassle, call us  for a new car key that will serve as a backup in a likely situation at  any other time.  Our automotive locksmiths will meet you and provide you  with a new car key on the spot. We prioritize your convenience, and you  will receive a prompt response from us whenever you need us.

4. Car Trunk Opening:

Your  car trunk may let you down at a critical moment for one reason or the  other. It is possible that the locks jam, making the trunk impossible to  open. You do not have to force the trunk open; call us immediately.  We  have experienced technicians who can open the trunk without damaging  your car trunk or cause any losses to your car. We offer comprehensive  automotive locksmith services and emergency locksmith Winnipeg services  to relieve you of unnecessary stress, and you can access your important  property in the car trunk without hassles.

5. Ignition Unlocking:

If  your automobile’s ignition is not working properly as it should, it  becomes almost impossible to use your car. It is possible for the  ignition to lock down and will not be able to use your vehicle when you  need to. As your reliable automotive locksmith Winnipeg, we have  in-depth knowledge and profound experience in providing ignition  unlocking services. We can make a transponder chip key for you and  program key to make your ignition work properly immediately.


For  an emergency locksmith Winnipeg and an automotive locksmith you can  call on anytime, contact “B” Safe Locksmith. We offer 24 hour locksmith  Winnipeg; we will be there whenever you need us.  

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